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  I spent autumn and winter creating a picture on canvas “Fire and Ice” I took inspiration from a walk to Černá studnice during hoarfrost. The oak twigs, that represent life – fire enclosed inside a see-through ice layer, form a beautiful winter image, the time when nature sleeps and gathers strength for another spring growth :) […]

Pozvánka na výstavu “Barevná chvění” Výstava v galerii Detesk v Železném Brodě v termínu: 27.dubna -18.června 2017 Slavnostní zahájení výstavy proběhlo ve čtvrtek 27.dubna v 18hodin Promluvil Antonín Langhamer            

Tapeta obraz “Rosa” v zubní ordinaci v Hradci Králové:) Motivy mých obrazů můžete u mne objednat jako velkoplošný tisk na tapetě,obraz vyberete v galerii na mém webu.

During my wanderings in a countryside I decided to artistically express new theme “Touches of an elements of a nature” I am sitting in a deserted place, surrounded by an evening silence and I am gazing into a flames of a fire that I lit myself…..retroaction…….am I looking at the fire?……at myself in it?…myself and […]

Touches of elements

September 20 2015

During my wanderings in a countryside I decided to artistically express new theme “Touches of elements of a nature”

“Dew” Tiny drops of water that form on cool surfaces at night, when atmospheric vapor condenses.

While wandering through the nature I decided to artistically express new topic Touches of natural elements First I created a painting inspired by the element of wind which I named „In tender embrace of breeze“ I was inspired by Krkonoše ridge during my pilgrimage and lyrics of song by Josh Groban “Let me fall” You […]

This gallery is my new topic – searching in the world of animals… Who are they and what do we have in common… I watch, listen, we speak without words… …..    

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